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A beat tag is a single phrase spoken by a voice over actor that advertises a brand identity or idea in 15 words or less. Tags are used in the entertainment industry to protect (or “tag”) music, promote brand recognition, and relay messages to listeners in the sonic realm. Some famous examples of beat tags are MMG’s “Maybach Music”, DJ Mustard’s “Mustard On The Beat” and Mike Will’s “Mike Will Made It”, which you hear spoken in the intro of many radio hits. Kriss Liss has worked with hundreds of producers and DJs to create killer beat tags that are instantly recognizable and easily integrated into any beat, song, or mix. Take your brand to the next level and get your custom tag from Kriss Liss now!


A tag variation is a subtle change in tone, speed, and word breaks that slightly alter the feel of a tag.

Example: “Kriss Liss Beats” can be said with a sexy tone, slow in speed, with spaces in between every word. Another variation could be with a serious tone, faster in speed, with a more natural word break pattern.

The Dry FX and Lite FX tag types come with variations.


Variations are NOT differing tag phrases.

Example: “Kriss Liss Made This” is NOT a variation of “Kriss Liss Beats”. They are considered two separate tags and must be purchased as such.


A tag can only be one phrase of 15 words or less. Multiple phrases will not be accepted.


If your tag is over 15 words, it is considered a script and must be special ordered. Send your script to for consideration. To view my script price tier, click here.

Can I hear the tag before I pay?

I will not record and edit without receiving payment first. But, I offer two free revisions if you are not satisfied with the first outcome. Also, the more detail you give me regarding what you want, the better.


Before ordering, consider the tone and accent of my voice. My voice is naturally lower in pitch and sounds better with smooth speech. If you envision a voice that sounds nothing like my natural voice, you should find a voice actor whose natural sound is closer to what you envision.

What details should I give you about my tag?
  • Pronunciation
  • Tone – sexy? confident? robotic? smooth?
  • Speed – slow, fast, specific BPM?
  • Sentence Structure – do you want pauses between each word? Or do you want a natural speech pattern? On what word(s) should I put inflection/emphasis?
  • Do you want your tag to sound similar to someone else’s? If so, please provide an example
  • If possible, email me a voice memo of you saying your tag with the pronunciation, speed, tone, and sentence structure you want (as close as possible).
  • Do you want specific effects in a specific way? If so, let me know.

Thank you for your business! You are greatly appreciated.


The usual turnaround time is within 48 hours after Kriss Liss has received your payment. If it has not been 48 hours yet, your order is most likely still pending completion. Once your order is complete, it will be delivered to the email you provided upon checkout.


If it has been more than 48 hours and you still haven’t received your order, there are two probable causes. First, check your spam folder in your email client to make sure the delivery email did not get accidentally classified as spam. Second, orders may be delayed due to an excess of orders that are pending completion.


If it has been more than 48 hours and you have not received your tags, please email to find out what is causing the delay for your order.

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