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To hear the difference between each tag type, listen to the samples in the SoundCloud player. To learn more about each tag type, view the “Description” tab at the bottom of this page.


Customize your producer tag

  • *Select Tag Type

    Reset options

    "Raw" Tags

    "Dry (No FX)" tags still come with vocal enhancement processing - EQ, compression, limiting, etc. If you don't want vocal enhancement, please indicate that you want "raw" tags by checking the box below.

    *What is your tag phrase?

    • ONE phrase of 15 words or less. No multiple phrases.
    • Double-check spelling.
    • NEW RULE: No explicit language, sexual moanings, or religious sacrilege will be accepted

    *Choose your mood:

    What mood/tone do you want for your tag?

    Choose Super FX

    To hear examples of what each effect sounds like, you can listen here:

    Instructions For Your Order:

    Include pronunciation and additional instructions about effects, speed, tone, etc.

    Upload A Sample

    Attach a voice memo/recording of your tag pronunciation.

    This isn't required, but it's extremely helpful.
    • (max file size 8 MB)
    • 5 $



  • 15 words or less
  • One phrase


  • 48 hours after completed payment
  • Delivered to PayPal email address via WeTransfer download link


  • 2 free revisions
  • No refunds after the first version of tag has been sent

Dry (No FX): 5 vocal variations (varying tone, speed, word breaks, etc.)

Lite FX: 3 vocal variations with light reverb and vocal enhancement (Sent both with and without effects). NO EXTRA FX CAN BE ADDED TO THIS TAG TYPE.

Super FX: 1 (one) version with effects and 1 (one) dry version. Select the Super FX you want by checking the boxes. Click here to hear examples of each effect.

Radio FX: 1 (one) version with effects and 1 (one) dry version. Comes with Super FX and sound effects. Select the Super FX you want by checking the boxes and include any extra instructions in the “What will I say?” box.

61 reviews for Producer Tag

  1. Vincent Gira

    Ordered Kriss’ voice tag via and am super satisfied with the female version of my voice tag. Thumbs up, 5 stars and keep on going.

    Cheers from Munich

    Vince G

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