A revision is an alteration of your tag. Each tag package comes with 1 free revision.

A revision is not a free extra version of your tag. It is to fix mistakes only if needed. Please do not request a revision if you like the tag I’ve already given you. 


If I misread your phrase and say something other than what you submitted to me, the correction won’t count as your free revision. It will be an additional free revision.

If you submitted your phrase incorrectly (misspelled a word, left out a word, etc.), the correction will count as your free revision. Please make sure to double-check your phrase for errors before submitting your order.

Mispronunciation corrections will count as your free revision if you do not provide me with the details I need to pronounce the word(s) correctly. I will need pronunciation instructions for:

  • Words spelled differently than they’re normally spelled (alternative spellings of common words)
  • Words not found in a scholarly, traditionally accepted American English dictionary
  • Words from another language other than English

What can’t I get with my free revision?

  • You cannot change your phrase wording with a revision. You must keep the phrase that you originally ordered.
  • You cannot change your tag package with a revision.
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