WeTransfer is a service that allows users to upload, share, and track files. At KrissLiss.com, tags will be sent via WeTransfer. You will receive an email from “noreply@WeTransfer.com” (sent to your PayPal email address). That email will have a link for you to download the tags.

You won’t need to create a WeTransfer account to access the files. Just click the link from within the email and you will be taken to WeTransfer to securely download your files!

The link will expire in 4 weeks! Download them ASAP! I will not store your tags on my hard drive forever. I recommend making copies of the tags and putting them in several different places for yourself (on your computer, external hard drive, flash drive, Dropbox, etc.). 

To learn more about WeTransfer, go here > https://wetransfer.com/about

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