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To hear the difference between each tag type, listen to the samples in the SoundCloud player. To learn more about each tag type, view the “Description” tab at the bottom of this page.

Tags will not be delivered on Sundays.

Please check my Delivery Schedule before ordering.


Customize your producer tag

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    "Raw" Tags

    "Dry (No FX)" tags still come with vocal enhancement processing - EQ, compression, limiting, etc. If you don't want vocal enhancement, please indicate that you want "raw" tags by checking the box below.

    *What is your tag phrase?

    • ONE phrase of 15 words or less. No multiple phrases.
    • Double-check spelling.
    • RULES: No profanity, sexual moanings, or religious disrespect will be accepted

    *You cannot change your phrase after I send your tags. Please be sure this is exactly the phrase you want. If you need help creating a phrase, please email me before you purchase a tag.

    *Choose Your Mood:

    What moods/tones do you want for your variations? Choose up to five.

    *Choose Your Mood:

    What moods/tones do you want for your variations? Choose up to three.

    *Choose your mood:

    What mood/tone do you want for your tag?

    *Choose Super FX

    To hear examples of what each effect sounds like, you can listen here:


    Should I speak your phrase at a specific tempo?

    Please list your desired tempo(s) for your variations. If you want specific tempos for specific variations, please explain.


    Your tags will not be "tempo-synced." I will speak your tags at your desired tempo. But they will not automatically adjust to the tempo of your project. This feature is not availible for "Dry (No FX)" tags. It will be your responsibility to adjust the tag speed in each of your projects.


    Your tag will automatically adjust to the tempo of your project when you import it into your DAW. 

    Please list your desired default BPM(s) for your variations. If you want specific BPMs for specific variations, please explain.

    Please specify your desired default BPM.


    Instructions For Your Order:

    Include pronunciation and additional instructions about effects, speed, tone, etc.

    Upload A Sample

    Attach a voice memo/recording of your tag pronunciation. (Please, no files larger than 5 MB)

    This isn't required, but it's extremely helpful.
    • (max file size 128 MB)

    Rush Delivery Options

    • DO NOT order 24-HR delivery on Saturday.
    • DO NOT order 15-HR delivery on Saturday or Sunday.
    • Please view my Delivery Schedule before selecting an option.
    • 5 $
    • 10 $



  • 15 words or less
  • One phrase



  • 2 free revisions (cannot change tag phrase)
  • No refunds after the first version of tag has been sent

Dry (No FX): 5 vocal variations (varying tone, speed, word breaks, etc.)

Lite FX: 3 vocal variations with light reverb and vocal enhancement (Sent both with and without effects). NO EXTRA FX CAN BE ADDED TO THIS TAG TYPE.

Super FX: 1 (one) version with effects and 1 (one) dry version. Select the Super FX you want by checking the boxes. Click here to hear examples of each effect.

Radio FX: 1 (one) version with effects and 1 (one) dry version. Comes with Super FX and sound effects. Select the Super FX you want by checking the boxes and include any extra instructions in the “What will I say?” box.

155 reviews for Producer Tag

  1. Sidney Ingleton (verified owner)

    Amazing service. Very professional and the tag sounds just how I wanted.

  2. Scott (verified owner)

    Came out perfect! Couldn’t be happier! Thanks Kriss!

  3. Shyam (verified owner)

    Amazing service, very fast response and delivery time, and produced an amazing voice tag. Provided revisions where I needed changes and was very cooperative! Would give more than five stars if I could!

  4. Steve (verified owner)

    Kriss was very helpful, kept great communication and most importantly accomplished exactly what I asked her for with my tags. They came out exactly how I wanted and she was on time with her delivery. Will definitely be ordering from her again!

  5. Antone (verified owner)

    As a first time buyer working with Kriss Liss. I absolutely must say this is by far the greatest experience! Extremely helpful and professional. I’ve ordered two tags as of now and the turn around time was nothing less than excellent! Amazing service, highly recommended. Thank you, once again!

  6. Apocalypce (verified owner)

    Great job, everything was done as I want and according my vision that is perfect. Fast delivery and really flexible person!!! Thank you so much!

  7. Melo (verified owner)

    No complaints, fast delivery. Placed the order on a Monday, was told it’ll be ready on Wednesday, and I was surprised on Tuesday with the tags all done and ready! She even recorded demos of herself saying it in different variations just to make sure I picked the one I liked, and then she proceeded to send three finished variations as an end product so I was given a lot of choice. No need for revisions in the slightest. Thank you Kriss Liss, I hope more people use your service!

  8. Melvin Joyner (verified owner)

    I love the tag that she created for me! It was a very fast and easy process and the tag was done correctly. If you’re looking for tags she’s the person you NEED to go to!

  9. Ben Lebron (verified owner)

    Kriss was an absolute joy to work with. Her customer service was flawless, always responding quickly and spelling out everything from start to finish. I honestly could not be happier with her work and of course the results sounded AMAZING! Highly recommended.

  10. ryanyao95 (verified owner)

    I love your vocal!! I am so satified with the tag you made to me, thank you very much^_^

  11. keyso (verified owner)

    Thank! Cool voice, I liked all the tags.

  12. SMasonProductions (verified owner)

    Thanks alot Kriss Liss!! i got the tags in exactly a day after ordering, Kriss is so professional and efficient and the tags are so clean

  13. rustyluxbeats (verified owner)

    Was a pure pleasure doing business with KrissLiss. She helped me create a new voice tag with professional quality in prompt time! Love it, Will return for another later on , Highly recommended. ! Rusty Lux

  14. Lafay

    It was a pleasure to do business with Kriss Liss. She took her time and was able to realize my vision for the vocal tag. I highly recommend anyone to form a business relationship with her.

  15. Kevin Saxton (verified owner)

    Sent off for my tag late Thursday recieved it within 24hrs. It came out exactly how I thought. I’m definitely gonna be doing business again. Very professional too.

  16. VYRSAL (verified owner)

    Kriss gave me the perfect tag. when it needed a small revision the first time, she got the revised version to me right away. 100% great business!!

  17. robert kenyi (verified owner)

    beyond satisfied she’s very crafted, highly recommend Kriss liss for producer tags you will not regret it, thanks so much for your service will definitely come back for future projects.

  18. Greg H. (verified owner)

    Kriss delivered another perfect voice tag for me.

  19. Jake Melodic (verified owner)

    Tag came back exactly how i invisioned it sounding & better in just 24 hours 🔥 the best 🤘🏻

  20. Shola “Flynorthbeats” Dipeolu (verified owner)

    I am more than satisfied with my tags. I give Kriss Liss a 10/10 for her quality tags, service, and fast delivery. I’m definitely coming back to buy more tags in the future!

  21. Codhi (verified owner)

    Great Service, very polite and great voice. Tag came out 100x better than expected. Not exaggerating, Highly recommend

  22. matwillain (verified owner)

    Great voice! Very good contact! Dope tags!

  23. Oriel Bitton (verified owner)

    The quality on the tags is amazing , kriss made sure everything was ok and she was fast with the delivery as well… If you are serious get your tags from her

  24. Nikola Tracks (verified owner)

    A seller who knows her craft. It is clear that Kriss has much experience. Professional service and very patient and tolerant under the whole process.

  25. isaac vega (verified owner)

    the way she says the tag, the way she uses FX, its all perfect. she did an amazing job and perfect in giving what you ask for. she said my tag in Spanish!!!!

  26. Ahmed (verified owner)

    Amazing service , the quality is perfect and she deliverer the tag in time . I highly recommend you get your beat tags from her.

  27. Karim Elbery (verified owner)

    Hey everyone, If your thinking of getting a new tag do not think again. Kriss Liss is the one and only perfect person to make that happen. Her voice goes perfect with any beat or song. I purchased a new voice tag from her and its perfect. She truly cares about her customers and it shows. If your unhappy with your tag after purchase she truly takes the time to listen to your needs and makes a new revision for you without any hassle. Kriss doesn’t keep her customers waiting, if you send her an email she replays within less than a few hours and does not keep waiting weeks. Kriss is your go to person for voice tags.

  28. Joshua Heath (verified owner)

    Always quality! Always clean! Details on the effects are amazing! I will refer Kriss to anyone that needs a tag!! 🔥🔥

  29. Meto

    Best Beattag producer! The best service… really

  30. EMDE51

    Really good Service and Fire Tags 🙏🏻🔥
    Best greets from Germany

  31. Maargiela Drums (verified owner)

    Awesome tags, fast response. Thank you!

  32. prodfrenzy (verified owner)

    Great services, and amazing quality. got exactly what i requested!

  33. Dario Lhamine (verified owner)

    I liked your work kriss! this tag is professional.Thank you.

  34. EAZY (verified owner)


  35. Mark (verified owner)

    5 stars! Got my tags fast and they sound perfect ?

  36. Carl (verified owner)

    I couldn’t be happier with my tag and the service was straight-up fantastic! Highly recommended!

  37. BICK BRUV (verified owner)

    Best tag ever! I love u Kriss!

  38. Essa Ell

    Kriss Liss just read my mind and produced the perfect tag for me. Fast service and amazing communication. Highly recommended!

  39. Rolla Beatz (verified owner)

    Amazing service, very good quality, fast delivery, Kriss was extremely friendly & professional! Highly recommend! Go get that tag ASAP!

  40. Raw Jayden

    Great Service x Beautiful Voice x Nice Contact
    Love to have an amazing tag from Kriss Liss!

  41. Self Productionz

    it was great doing business with kriss Liss, everything was amazing from her communication to the quick turn around. she made sure she got the right information from me to do the tag exactly how I wanted it and it came out great, beautiful voice on my beats highly recommend!!!!

  42. WristyBoi (verified owner)

    Excellent service, fast order fulfillment, and great sound! Recommend!!!

  43. Toffer (verified owner)

    Reasonable price. Good communication. Quick delivery and a great voice. I would definitely contact Kriss if you’re looking for a female voice talent.

  44. Nico Pugach

    Such a beautiful voice, easy to work with, fast response, top notch quality, and overall amazing services. She really cares about what the customer wants and will make sure you are happy with the tag. Thank you so much for everything you did, and I highly recommend anyone looking for custom beat tag to work with her!

  45. Anry Brike (verified owner)

    Great service! Beautiful, Kriss Liss, you’re the best!

  46. 88 Dominick (verified owner)

    Perfect ♥ Beautiful voice

  47. W1NT3R (verified owner)

    the service here is soo fast n the tag she did was dope af!!! im fasho copping another one!!

  48. yungtelon (verified owner)

    Amazing service! I love my new tag

  49. SandyBeats (verified owner)

    Fast service & great results!
    Revisions don’t take a lot of time.
    Go get a Kriss Liss Tag

  50. KD GOT BEATS (verified owner)

    Kriss Liss..thank you for your great service and your professional and fast results..highly recommend!

  51. Ty-TANIUM (verified owner)

    Excellent service and dope Tags. Kriss Liss is the best way to go!! 🙂

  52. Rochee (verified owner)

    She will give your productions that extra shine,fast service !

  53. Rochee (verified owner)

    Fast service ! Her tags will give you that shine your productions need !

  54. x Machina

    A 5 star rating for a 5 star service.

    Amazing quality, very professional and nice. You can feel the love Kriss obviously puts into her work when listening to your final product.

    It’s a blessing for all of the beatmakers .

    I Highly Recommend ! 🙂

  55. C.

    Great quality, fast delivery, very good communication, very nice person. Highly recommended!

    Blessings C.

  56. Sandro (verified owner)

    I give 5 stars because the Tag was made and sent out within the timetimeframe I was looking for. Also, the quality of the Tag is phenomenal! The Tag was made specifically according to my instructions. The price is definitely worth what you get! I promise you, you won’t be disappointed! You also get a free revision in case it isn’t exactly how you wanted it and can tweak it to sound better! Again I must stress how impressed I am and can can say without a doubt that I’ll come back for my next Tag!!!

  57. Marco (verified owner)

    Kriss’ service is great! The tag at the 1st try was exactly what I requested. Super recommended!

  58. whoismedusa (verified owner)

    Awesome Beat Tag! Really Dope Voice, Very kind and faster delivery!

  59. Finessedios (verified owner)

    Quality and fast service. She had a professional attitude and, also got right on the first try!

  60. blone

    Amazing service and best tags from Kriss Liss!!! highly recommend!

  61. Jimmy (verified owner)

    Very nice i recommand

  62. Written (verified owner)

    she great just what i asked for would shop again and refer a friend thanks kriss liss for the tag

  63. niko (verified owner)

    wow, just wow! delivered just on time and the tag was pure gold, she got it right the first time! if you’re looking for tags, I highly recommend Kriss Liss!

  64. Killzbeatz UZ (verified owner)

    Hey for real this gurl is pure ? ? amazing voice the tags are on point, un trabajo FANTÁSTICO!!! I like to much the service he brings to his clients, really good service for real!

  65. Beats By Zer0 (verified owner)

    Ordered, got it the next day exactly how I requested on the first try! Excellent work and quality!

  66. Mellowout

    Awesome And Fast! “Perfection” Quality , Had many tags before But Love There Vocals The Best, There Dry Pre Process Chain Is Where Its At If You Know How To Re-Mix The frequencies To Your Beats with eq/com etc… But there processed Effects After Listening To It Sound Amazing Also!

  67. Christopher C Hines

    The tags were of GREAT quality with several different variations to choose from and were delivered a day ahead of schedule! Definitely 5 ? quality!!

  68. Kaadik

    Perfect. The tag is perfect. The service was super quick and the options are perfect!

  69. O10TIC

    Liss made exactly what i was thinking in my head.
    She works fast and delivers.
    Look no further if you want great service and top notch quality.

  70. BongoGawd (verified owner)

    Really fast service and a very nice lady. THE BEST TAGS IN THE GAME!

  71. Johnny (verified owner)

    10/10 would buy again. She delivered exactly what I ordered on time, and in very good quality.

  72. Red (verified owner)


  73. Luke Edmond Reaume (verified owner)

    Very quick service from beginning to end. Would recommend even if you have a sister. 10/10

  74. Codec Beats (verified owner)

    Kriss Liss – best voice and charisma, I really liked my new voice tag! <3

  75. Antonio Balderas (verified owner)

    It was really fast! Really loved the tag and incredible custom service! Thank you so much

  76. Sean Kongery (verified owner)

    Kriss did a great job with my tags. Very high quality. I asked her for a couple revisions and she worked to get everything just right. Would recommend.

  77. Kevin (verified owner)

    Totally satisfied with my purchase! The quality is incredible, very professional service that I recommend

  78. BeatsByMakoto (verified owner)

    Amazing quality, super fast turn around time. I definitely recommend buying your tags from her!

  79. Contra (verified owner)

    Second time ordering from Kriss, she always makes the best producer tags. Definitely would buy one from her if you’re interested in getting a new tag or just starting out !!

  80. RI Beatz

    Great service, gave me exactly what I wanted even quicker than I expected, highly recommended!!

  81. maximegarcia91600 (verified owner)

    Kriss Liss is professional and really according importance to your satisfaction. There is no way to be unsatisfied with an order and no way to give her less than 5/5.

  82. Boo Quincy (verified owner)

    my beat sounds Professional with this!
    Thank You!

  83. Kevin (verified owner)

    She has a very nice voice, Thank you for everything 🙂

  84. WhiskCo Beats (verified owner)

    She has a very nice voice, I’m very satisfied 🙂

  85. badee8ight (verified owner)

    Best tags ever ?

  86. MANDARO (verified owner)

    Thank you for the wonderful beat tag

  87. Andrea C. (verified owner)

    The tags are just awesome and the service is excellent.
    5 stars well deserved.

  88. Jaiman Bhalsod

    best tags in the business

    • Krystal Gilbert

      Thank you for this wonderful review! ❤️

  89. The Beat Machine (verified owner)

    Loved the process and quality of your work. Nailed it the first time! I’ll be back and send more people your way.

  90. Izzy Vicious (verified owner)

    Kriss Liss Beat Tags made my production stand out. The clarity in each tag and variation makes it easy to stamp your signature on any beat. You will not have to wait long for the tags to be delivered. I would definitely recommend using Kriss Liss to anybody who needs a tag. I look forward to working with Kriss Liss again!

  91. MatthewMusic (verified owner)

    Hey Kriss you’re the best always on time and professional ? 100%

  92. Nathan

    Very straight forward with the customization of the tag and happy with the product. 10/10

  93. djROLi Xtraordinair (verified owner)

    ALWAYS on POINT!!!!!!!

  94. peter (verified owner)

    ordered a tag. didn’t take much to wate. it was super dope! Keep up the work! appreciate it!:)
    5 stars fr!

  95. Vincent Gira

    Ordered Kriss’ voice tag via and am super satisfied with the female version of my voice tag. Thumbs up, 5 stars and keep on going.

    Cheers from Munich

    Vince G

  96. PrapiC

    5 stars all the way! … She was very patient and passionate with my needs. My tag was outstanding too, I’d most definitely recommend her to my peers. Thanks Kriss!!!!

  97. TYM Beats (verified owner)

    5 stars. Kriss makes doing business with her easy. Very quick and cordial. WOULD RECOMMEND

  98. Buddy Rare (verified owner)

    First off, hands down one of the best customer experiences I’ve ever had when purchasing anything online. Krissliss was fast, punctual, and made sure her customer was happy with the purchase, and I surely was! The vocal tag was extremely clean and is studio quality! It was exactly what I was looking for. $30 dollars well spent!

  99. SAN Beats (verified owner)

    Great work ! Good sound quality and fast response. I appreciate it !

  100. Stevie Muzik (verified owner)

    I’ve become a returning customer, because from the first time to the present I’ve hired Kriss Liss to do my tags, and she has always done a fantastic job every time. She’s very easy to work with, follows ideas and execute with the most professionalism and quality. Definitely looking forward to using her services in the future and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend others to use Kriss Liss services! 10 STARS!!

  101. 2Frxst

    The quality is 2nd to none. I had an idea and she took that idea and brought it into the physical, every detail. Every producer is looking for quality and unique sounds to use in their production. And Kriss definitely is definitely the supplier if you want to be a household name.

  102. Mawsheeakh (verified owner)

    Kriss Liss did a marvelous job, her voice tags takes your beats to the next level with the regard she gives to her customers. I’m so happy to receive more than one voice tag, very exciting experience. Thank you Kriss Liss!

  103. Humble Kid Beats (verified owner)

    Kriss Liss service is awesome! She delivered my order so fast and change the tag like I want it. SUPER.

  104. ITZ

    Was Everything that I asked for when It came to my tag

  105. Dyoni

    Taking the time out of my day to write this review simply because I think the $30 spent wasn’t enough. Truly an excellent tag for my beats and really leveled up my music. It makes you seem so much more professional when you have the highest quality tag possible and I received an amazing result way faster than expected. Thanks!

  106. Sarccado

    Amazing work! Studio quality with a perfect voice for vocal tags. I’m a first time customer and was amazed by the work she did. I’ll be using her for any future tags I may possibly need. Order was delivered in time and her communication/customer service was top notch!

  107. 7am

    Kriss Liss is the first and last person you should consider to do your tags. With a studio quality voice, an amazing attitude and the most accommodating customer service you can possibly get, it’s safe to say you should only order from her if you want the best that there is out there to represent your brand.

  108. George

    AMAZING, best service you will ever experience, if you guys are looking for a producer tag I HIGHLY recommend this. She did not stop providing the best service until I was satisfied!

  109. Jay Lv

    Fast , Professional and good service overall ! will definitely be coming back in the future for another tag

  110. Strings (verified owner)

    Extremely quick and efficient. Great service.

  111. chxxc (verified owner)

    Ayoo , if you wanna choose someone for your tag , Kriss is the one you’ll go for . Amazing services and you’ll get exactly what you wanted . Probably the best tag you could ever get . AMAZING

  112. Finazzo Beats

    Very Satisfied with my tag! Top quality tags, I would definitely recommend getting a tag from Kriss Liss!

  113. Dom

    Beautiful tags, the finish product is amazing….definitely will come back later for more beat tags when i need them..the high quality is amazing…Kriss Liss delivers everytime and makes sure you are satisfied..thank you.

  114. Omito (verified owner)

    High-quality voice tags and amazing customer service. The final product blew my mind! Best beat tags in the game hands down.

  115. Koren Lee

    Great Great Great!! Quick return. Very mellow voice

  116. DJ Lew Ro

    Kriss Liss is absolutely amazing!! I sent her what i needed and the turnaround and communication was was super on point!! Her voice was exactly what i visioned and she really brought the tag to life. I defintely will be using her services much more in the future!!

    Thanks again Kriss!

  117. Al Manadi (verified owner)

    After Kriss did such an amazing job on my first order, I had to order 2 more tags! I hired 2 different voice actors/actresses in the past to say the same phrases, and yea they did a good job, BUT Kriss Liss absolutely destroyed the competition. It honestly wasn’t even close. I wish I had known about her before.

    She did an amazing job on the tags, and on both of them the best takes were her first ones! I seriously don’t know how she does it. She sent 5 takes for each tag and each take is awesome and different, so if I want to switch up the tags I can easily do that.

    If you’re even thinking about ordering these tags, just do it, you will not regret it I promise you!

    I will most definitely be back for more in the future!

    I would give 10 stars if I could.

  118. Korpsy

    Extremely professional, quick turn around time and payed attention to my instructions. I couldn’t be happier. Kriss Liss is a queen!

  119. Al Manadi (verified owner)

    Just received my order. Kriss did an amazing job, with such quick delivery! Also, customer service is top notch with the super quick downloads. My order finished downloading within seconds.

    Kriss simply has one of the classiest and sexiest female voices on the net.

    This is highly recommended, I will most definitely order from her again.

  120. Bravo Beats (verified owner)

    I loved the tags I ordered. I’ll be coming back to Kriss for tags in the future.

  121. Ramy (verified owner)

    Amazingly fast service! If you need a tag in a hurry, you’re at the right spot! Thanks Kriss!

  122. djjiggaofficial (verified owner)

    Great work ! Been needing these crisp tags for a while … exactly what i wanted .

  123. conhecidocomolel (verified owner)

    Great service, even with the barrier of the portuguese accent/phare of my tag kriss did a amazing job.
    thanks kriss

  124. Uri

    Amazing service, super professional, quick answers by email or message. A+++++

  125. RENVTØ (verified owner)

    Probably the best tag you could ever get . Like let s be serious , this is main stream quality out here !
    Much love kriss <3!


  126. Dreyze (verified owner)

    excellent quality and fast service. definitely worth the buy

  127. RolandoWhite45 (verified owner)

    She’s amazing. The entire process was easy breezy. AND I’m more than pleased with the end result. Will definitely continue doing business with her. What gained my confidence with her services even MORE???… Were the “followup/confirmation” emails I received throughout the process; Everything clear and professional. WHICH MADE ME FEEL EVEN MORE SECURE. THAT’S HOW IT’S DONE PEOPLE!!!!!

  128. BH

    i would highly recommend this service if you are looking for something professional and dope! You will get the chance to work with Kriss who is helpful, patient and easy going about revisions. Turn around time is great as well! Amazing skill set

  129. Tuoyo (verified owner)

    Really professional work and great communication! Excellent service, highly recommend.

  130. AJ Fuego (verified owner)

    Purchased the Super FX tag and detailed how I wanted the tag done. After changing my mind as to how I wanted the tag, Kriss made the edits and resent with no frustration or hassle – and all within 36 hours. Literally turned my vision into a reality & I couldn’t be happier – amazing service!

  131. CPSOUND (verified owner)

    High Quality service. went above and beyond to deliver the best product

  132. Anthony (verified owner)

    AMAZING service.! Quick response to all my questions, almost instant delivery & above all, quality work.. Thanks again.!

  133. Duane Williams (verified owner)

    Amazing service! The quality and turnaround time is outstanding! I definitely recommend Kriss Liss! Very professional and is with you through the process.

  134. f974400 (verified owner)

    best beat tag in less than a day, super responsive and 100% reliable will be back whenever i need a new one cheers kriss

  135. cmhbeats (verified owner)

    Kriss Liss is the best! 10/10 would recommend to anyone! She provides amazing customer service as well.

  136. Adisa

    Amazing service! Kriss did an exceptional job, her customer service was incredible,the rough drafts she sent me were so good, it was hard to pick out the tags to get. Highly recommended, worth the money

  137. markhamdan (verified owner)

    Kriss Liss was a pleasure to work with. She is responsive, easy to communicate with, and puts out quality work! You won’t get a better tag anywhere else online for these prices. Do yourself a favor: stop searching and purchase from Kriss Liss. -Jaw911

  138. @UVEEZY100 (verified owner)

    I recommend KrissLiss to any upcoming and mainstream producers. KrissLiss is very professional and the turn around time was very fast. A+

  139. nuttybeatsproduction (verified owner)

    Very professional and quick service. My tags were done in less than 24 hours. Thank you!

  140. Uri (verified owner)

    Excellent service and tags are wicked

  141. 10AM

    great service and quick turn around! beyond pleased.

  142. Scarbbe Piink

    It’s perfect , I had no idea of what I was getting into or what I even wanted , I just gave her my name and let her do her thing. She stayed up with me until 2 in the morning trying to get the effect I wanted to perfect when I constantly kept changing everything , the very next day I got my tags and they were beyond what I could imagine ! Definitely will do business in the future and recommend her to anyone who wants a great tag!

  143. J Craft

    Great service. Kept good communication throughout the process and a quick turnout time.

  144. LSD

    Get your tag from Kriss Liss now! You won’t be dissapointed.
    Excellent service guaranteed.
    I will be back for a second tag soon!


  145. Kellen LeClair

    Awesome tags! Quick service and easy to work with.

  146. Trouble Daddy

    Very professional work, and the turn around was exactly what she told me to expect.

    Kriss nailed it on the first take, but still included more variations to choose from.

    Will be coming right back here when it’s time to update or switch it up!

  147. Drummahand

    I highly recommend Kriss Liss for vocal tags. Her voice is nice and her quality is A1..I received my tags back in less than 48hrs. Very happy with the finished results. Put your order in today and you won’t regret it. – Drummahand

  148. axthentic1 (verified owner)

    Great service! It’s worth it

  149. Jacquarri White

    Fast response. Got it right the 1st try. Happy with the service. Definitely come back for future projects.

  150. Forreal Beats

    Kriss was great to work with! Got it perfect the first time, but was willing to work with me to meet my exceptions! Highly recommend!

  151. Desmond A (@TheRealDesmond) (verified owner)

    Great Job! Very prompt & professional.

  152. Lone Wolf (verified owner)

    WOW! This is REALLY the best person for your tag!! So clean and you’ll get exactly what you want! Thank you so much Kriss! The service is really good and SECURE ?

    (Sorry for typos lmao)

  153. Tristin (verified owner)

    If there were more than 5 stars on here to give, I’d definitely do it. Amazing service, I couldn’t thank her enough. I placed the order for a tag on Saturday evening, received the rough drafts Monday. Finally Tuesday I have the tags and the sound quality is exactly what I wanted. Highly recommend this, superb job

  154. Unorthodox Beatz

    Amazing service from Kriss Liss! I highly recommend you get your beat tags from her!

  155. Kriss Liss

    Hey, it’s Kriss Liss! After you receive your tag, come back here and leave me a review!

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