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The message of 22 year old Louisville, KY native Kriss Liss is simple: no one is perfect. This idea sets the atmosphere in her music as she presents an alternative to the world’s temporary fixes. Her music possesses a message that anyone can glean from, regardless of their beliefs, giving it a quality that many listeners consider real and relatable. With a sound that lives in alternative R&B, journeying to hip hop, EDM, neo soul and anywhere in between, she feels at home with genre-bending artists like Frank Ocean, Jhene Aiko, and The Weeknd. Kriss Liss sidesteps ego and judgement to share her transparent truth via lush production, thoughtful lyrics, and soulful vocals.


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As an independent artist, each and every person who supports me matters. I want to be able to thank you personally any time you buy a single, purchase merch, or come out to a show. And because you make it possible for me to do what I love, you should have the ability to reach me directly. This is why I’m giving out my personal number. If you ever want to know what inspired that song I wrote, or when the next single comes out, or maybe you just want to say “hey” and let me know you exist, you can text me at 502-287-1662

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