Producer Tags

By Kriss Liss

Tag Types

You’ve got options! Choose the tag type that best suits your needs:

Dry (no fx)


You get 5 versions
(varying tone, speed, etc.)

Dry tags with no vocal effects

Lite fx


You get 3 versions
(Sent with & without reverb)

(No extra FX can be added)

Super fx


You get one version
(Sent with & without effects)

You choose from a list of super effects like stutters, echoes, tape stops, etc.

Radio fx


You get one version
(Sent with & without effects)

Comes with vocal effects and sound effects

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What is a producer tag?

A producer tag (a.k.a beat tag, voice tag, dj drop) is a spoken phrase that advertises a brand identity or idea. They are used in the entertainment industry to watermark (or “tag”) music, promote brand recognition and concisely relay messages to listeners.


The “Producer Tag Plug”

Hundreds of music producers and DJs have chosen Kriss Liss to be the female voice for their tags. Her vocal tone and audio effects processing chain was developed over a span of 8 years. The result: an exceptional sound.

Producer Spotlight

Preview some of my recent tag work. Producer tags by Kriss Liss; instrumental vibes by my clientele.


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Word Count

15 words or less

One phrase

Revisions & Refunds

2 free revisions

Revisions do not include changing your tag phrase

No refunds after the first version of tag has been sent

Client Correspodence

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Scripts are special order tags of 16 words or more. Need a voiceover for your instructional video or a narrator for your commercial, film, or book reading? Email to get your price quote!


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